interactions in

Interactions in Healthcare makes treatment pathways more effective by exploring the socio-anthropological component of the disease.

Interactions in Healthcare is Conversation Bricoleur’s project dedicated to healthcare.

Interactions in Healthcare enhances the role of interactions between healthcare personnel, patients, caregivers and communities in creating new knowledge aimed at managing the disease, the treatment path and the provision of health services, overcoming the ineffective doctor-centered and patient-centered approaches.

> it enables narrative competence, the ability to tell – in a clear and structured way – a story linked to one’s own experience, desires and challenges

> it allows people to move from personal experiences to the philosophy that should guide the services offered to patients

> it allows to improve the experience of illness and the services designed around it with the contribution of patients, medical staff, caregivers and community representatives.

Do you have a role in the delivery of health services (health personnel, healthcare companies) or are you part of patients’ organizations? Contact me!