I have promoted and i am still involved in different projects that enhance interdisciplinarity.


#immersiveexperiences #narrativeecosystems #transformation

We help people deal with complexity in an experiential and creative way. We catalyze meaningful change through imagination, experimentation and valuable conversations.


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I’m an allstarteams trusted partner. Together with allstarteams – thanks to a talent management toolset that highlights individual employee strengths and enables the creation of a company-wide talent map and an easy-to-use strengths inventory – we help create productive trusting teams.

Complexity Surfers

#complexity #leadership #facilitation

Complexity Surfers aims to spread facilitative leadership to unleash organizations’ potential.


#coaching #team #facilitation

Deltaloop is a framework for managing meetings and projects developed with Solution Focus coach Marco Matera. Soon online.

Liberating Structures Italia


Liberating Structures Italia is the first Italian meetup dedicated to Liberating Structures, completely free and open to all, active since 2019. Want to know more?


#futuri #anticipazione

Skopìa is a Company that provides strategic intelligence, based on the analysis of changes, risks and opportunities, and consulting services for the development of anticipatory-based skills. Together with -skopìa we have developed and we facilitate Horizons Bricks®, an innovative future exercise that leverages anticipation and facilitated approach to strategy.